Surf fishing is basically a kind of fish catching sport standing on the shoreline or paddling in the surf. Generally for the surf fishing, the fishermen are using the different kinds of the equipments including casting a bait or lure and also refer to all sorts of the shore fishing from the sandy beaches, rock jetties, rocky beaches or even fishing piers. For the surf fishing, they are also making use of the specially designed rod which helps pick up the fishes from the lakes, beaches or river areas.

What about surf fishing rods selection tips?

If you are considering the surf fishing rods, they are absolutely unique in their different design characteristics which are to be used for the fishing activity in surf. Here are some of the useful tips suggested by the experts to make an intelligent choice of surfing rod by considering its most important features. They significant design features to consider are,

  • Rod taper
  • Rod length
  • Quantity, type and location of the rod guides
  • Rated rod power
  • Reel seats

All of these things are most important characteristics of the surf fishing rod. When they are good enough, then it will be the best choice of the fishing rod for your surf.

Important features of the surf fishing rods:

  • Rod taper – The fishing rods are especially designed for the various types of the fishing activities. Some of the rods usually require a fast action and others require only slow or medium action. Rods with the faster action will usually bend from the upper third of the length of the rod. The medium action rods for your surfing activity will only bend from the upper middle half portion of the rod. The slow action rod design bends in fact from the lower third portion.  
  • Rod length – Surf fishing typically requires the best ability to cast the longer distances with the help of the surf casting techniques. The surf rods should be long to cast as far as possible. The best considerable length for the surf rod is about 10’ to 12’. If you are choosing the shorter fishing rods, they will give up casting distance. Thus, it is better choosing the longer rods which will be too difficult to cast.
  • Rod guides – There are various types of metals used for the rod guides. The high quality fishing rods will be manufactured with the silicon carbide guides which are the best choices due to its hardness, very smooth and resist wear capabilities to improve the casting distance.
  • Rated rod power – When it comes to the power rating of any fishing rod, it is the backbone and strength of the rod at all.
  • Reel seats – They are made from the various graphite or metal alloys in order to avoid the corrosive action.

While selecting the surf fishing rods, you should have to consider all of these essential factors for making a right selection.