How to choose the best pike lures

Northern pike is also called as pike in Ireland, Britain, most parts of Canada and most of Canada and it is the species of the carnivorous fish of genus Esox. It could be found in the sluggish streams and weedy places in lakes. Pike is the fish which might attack your lure even when it is moving quickly. Choosing the lure is crucial one and you are recommended to follow some tips while choosing lures such as

  • Identify your target species
  • Color matters
  • Consider actions
  • Take their temperature

Water temperature might play important role in the lure selection. People can catch fish in the color water by using moving bait like spinnerbait or crankbait.

Find out the best pike lures

All fishes are predators but northern pike might come dressed for the part like vacant eyes, needle teeth, serpentine shape and thick slime. Different kinds of the lure options are available such as surface lures, sinking lures and soft plastic lures. Weather conditions might impact size fishing lure for using. Smaller lure is suitable choice to ultra light spin casting tackle with the four to ten pound test line. However larger lure might be used with the baitcasting reels and heavier rods. Massive numbers of the pike lures are available such as aglia long, aglia flashabou, dressed aglia, comet mino, comet TRU-V and double blade aglia. Some of the lure is the best choice for trolling or casting. Pike might attack lure which is big in size. In case you are targeting huge pike which is greater than you must use large lures. When it comes to the pike fishing then live bait might work like minnows, worms and leeches but it is not necessary. While choosing best pike lures, you should follow some useful tips which might be useful to find out best lure as per your needs. You are always advisable to use larger lure because it is equipped with the larger hooks which might make it perfect sense. Using surface lure is one of the best and effective methods to catch the warm weather pike which might hit lures with the full on aggression or breaking clear of water. Surface lure is best ways of covering huge areas of the heavily weeded water. One of the attractive surface lure is that crazy crawler which might look like the giant bumble bee with the fins.

Interesting information about pike fishing

Big pike might not bother with the small frogs, bugs and minnows. However pike main food is that small hammer handles, walleyes, chub, whitefish and suckers. If you are involved in the pike fishing then you must understand importance of choosing lure. Pike is the visual feeders and it tends to be attracted to the bright color. You might use high visibility colors like bright orange, white and chartreuse because it can respond well to the baits which can put off lots of sound or vibration so carefully pick the best pike lure as per your wish.  

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